How Corvettes are built.


The Dream Car

When it comes to sport cars, there are some memorable ones among them. The history of a car makes it more valuable and precious. Today we find some rare cars, worth millions of dollars. Some are found only in games, or movies for most of us. Most of the old cars today in the post-modern era are collectible, just like the wine, when they get older and become old fashioned they are more expensive and you enjoy the ride more.
I bet you know this one: Chevrolet Corvette!
But what makes a Corvette special?

For 30 years Corvette has kept the same exclusive home since 1981. Corvette was always famous for being innovative. Well known in the world of cars and beyond as the America’s sports car. At this moment we are describing an icon, which was born almost 80 years before and since then has been running the longest of time compared to any other car.
Corvettes home wasn’t always Kentucky. Let’s go back to 1953 when the first of this legendary brand were built by hand in Michigan. Not much after Corvette was considered by the General Motors as “the dream car”. The production was at St. Louis and not much after came to Kentucky, Bowling Green. Corvette has been through 7 generations of cars from 1953 to 2018 and the 8th generation is planned for 2019.
The first two of the Corvette generations were also one of the most requested cars of the modern area, which also are collectable cars. The concept of collecting, is usually used for trophies, but who said that Corvette is not one? It is a must for every enthusiast to know basically, at least the first generations of Corvette. However, if you don’t here are some facts about it:

1.As we already know first Corvette came out in 1953, but up till 1955, its engine was a six – cylinder, which later was replaced by a V-8.

2.The first Corvette coupe model was produces in 1963, from 21,513 produced, half were coupe.

3.First fuel injection Corvette came out in 1957.

4.Chevy didn’t add the disc break technology until 1965.
We all remember “The lightning”, that single car which could speak, lough and love. Lightning McQueen is a Corvette, but who knows how a Corvette is built?
Let us take a trip to the south where the Corvette factory is located. This voyage will not disappoint, since we will take a look at this iconic way of building.

Every single day the Corvette factory produces 148 cars, only the painting of the panels requires almost three days. One thousand employees working on this production. One of the first task of building the Corvette is the installation of the driver’s seat, which is made by a single worker, who has only this duty.
Every single one of this duties requires almost 3 minutes. Which according to Andrea Hales, is a little longer than the average in the industry.

There are two production processes separated from each other, that when put together create the car that we so much love.

1.The first production process, the employees work on the car chassis, in which covers the engine and drivetrain.

2.The second production process includes the unification of the body parts and the interior, which covers the seats, the steering wheel and tires. If you stop at every worker you can see how each of them, one by one installs the side panels, steering wheel, rear window etc.

After some of this mentioned processes are finished the two separated production proceedings are put together. Think of it as Lego or two puzzle pieces, put together. When the converge is completed the so called “body merge” happens, which is when the body of the car is lifted up and merged with the chassis.

At the Corvette factory eventually you will start asking yourself why there is not robotics in there? That’s because first of all it is in their nature, if we use the facts from their history. Secondly this are very, but very iconic cars and for this specific reason needs a lot of attention when on the building process.

A really interesting fact about corvettes is that each and every one of them are built to order. Meaning that someone somewhere in the world has ordered it, and what we just explained being built, might be his or her car.

There are Corvette enthusiasts almost everywhere in the world, and there are also clubs of Corvette fans who would buy even a really expensive ticket to see the factory just for one day. Every one that owns a Corvette, knows that has found the Holy Grail of the cars world.

When you go out of the factory and leave all that magnificent history behind, you can see that the Corvette museum is very near to the building you just went out. Even thought that there many car dealers in the country that museum sells more cars than any of them.

Let us go to the end of the line. Where all the completed Corvettes are. After we saw the production process, we saw them piece by piece, it is really remarkable when you see them whole and shiny.

The next step of a Corvette vehicle production is being tested. The so called dynamic vehicle test is used to diagnose if the functions of the car are at their finest and there is nothing to go wrong. This is done by trying out 800 different tests. Yea that is a lot.

What happens if the car has a problem?

It goes back to another chain of the production series, where it will be repaired and retried again, until it is seen fit to be shipped to is owner. No Corvette car leaves the factory if it doesn’t pass all the 800 diagnostics.

Corvette are a fantasy vehicle, part of the American muscle legendary group or roaring vehicles. Cars that vibrate the earth when their engine is on and ready. Watching those cars being produced, with such detailed care, makes you want to grab a set of keys.